9/11: A Parents Memory

September 11th, 2001 was a very tragic day for the United States. There were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks done by al-Qaeda, who’s a terrorist group. There were 2,977 deaths that day including the 19 hijackers. These attacks took place in New York City, Stony creek Township and Arlington County. These devastating attacks affected the whole world.

Moustapha Boulama is an immigrant from Niger. Like most immigrants, he wanted to come to the United States to give his family, especially his kids, a better life. “I can to this country to give my kids a better education,” Boulama explains. Before coming here, Boulama explains that his life was great. There wasn’t much he could complain about. Though that was the case for him, he never wanted his kids to grow up the way he did. “My family was well of. They were self-made. Just like any father, I always want my kids to have it better than I did. That meant coming to America.”

“When the attacks started happening, I just dropped my kids off at school,” said Boulama. He explained the he thought it was some kind of sick joke the radio station was playing on the listeners. That was when he received a call from his wife to turn the television on ass soon as he got home. He explained that he thought his wife was a part of a “phone scam.”

Several things ran through Boulama’s head. As he was discussing them, he started getting a little choked up. “I thought about my kids,” he explained. “I came to this country in 1996. My wife came in 1997, and we both came in through New York City. Now, my kids came in August of 2001.” Boulama explains the panic he and his wife were in. His wife was in tears later on that days because she thought to herself, as he did too, “our kids could’ve been on one of those planes.” Boulama explains that within less than a month of his childrens’ arrival to America, one of the biggest tragedies ever happen. It was something that “effected their state of mind.”

While refreshing his memory, Moustapha Boulama says he remembered his daughter, who was 6-years-old at the time, coming home telling his about a violent movie she and her classmates watched that day. To Boulama’s surprise, his daughter was talking about the attacks that were being televised. “I was confused as to why they would show something like that to elementary school kids. Later on, I find out that they were showing the broadcast in almost every class,” said Boulama.

It was all so much to take in for the Boulama family. Moustapha Boulama expressed the anxiety, anger, frustration, and sadness of that day. The year 2001 is one Moustapha Boulama and his family will never forget.


Teen Suicide

Suicide is one of the leading causes of teen deaths. There are a lot of major reasons why teen commit suicide. Depression, anxiety, bullying, lack of belonging, etc., all play a huge factor. The suicide rate for girls ages 15-19 has doubled between the years of 2007 and 2015. It is, now, at an all-time high. In 2016, there were 1,537 among men and 524 among females ages 15-19. Most people assume males would have a lower suicide rate. This is partially because, people still struggle to believe that men go through anxiety, depression, and every kind of bullying you could possibly think of. The issue is not improving.

At the Suicide Prevention Conference, many teens stood up to discuss why they attempted suicide. Some have attempted this more than once. A few young girls have admitted, “if my parents asked me more questions about what I was dealing with when I’m not at home, I probably wouldn’t have tried to end my life.”

Killie Ramirez, 16, expressed her emotions about feeling alone. Which resulted to her attempting suicide. “I felt so alone. I felt like my parents didn’t care about anything that had to do with my teenage life,” she said. Killie goes on to explain, when she did try to communicate with her parents, they always said things like, “Suck it up” and “You’re a teenager, what could you possibly be stressed about.” Killie has attempted suicide more than 5 times. Her mother, Allison, admits her wrong doings as a parent. “I was so occupied with my job. It’s always been hard for me balancing being a single mother and working full time to pay the bills,” she explains. Allison brought up a huge point. Are single parent households more likely to have suicidal teens? Most people would agree. Though, the rates are on the higher level, the number doubles in a two-parent house hold. The causes vary from divorce, financial issues, family disputes/disagreements, or a cry for help.

Alex Hinton is a 14-year-old patient at the Adolescent Psychic Ward. One of the many young boys. Alex struggles from severe depression and anxiety. Which he calls “crazy people illnesses.” Alex was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the age of 6-years-old. He has attempted suicide four times this year alone. “The teen psych unit has become my new home. I’m there all the time,” he says with a smirk. Alex’s father, George, explains his concerns with the medications his son was prescribed. “Al wasn’t totally ill, he just needed a little help. I feel that those medications he was prescribed made him feel very suicidal.” Many antidepressants and antianxiety medications have negative side effects. One major side effect is Suicidal thoughts. Alex’s condition is so severe, he requires extra surveillance at the Adolescent Psychiatric Ward.

Brittany Naylor, 18-years-old, explains how difficult her teenage life has been. “As a young girl, you want to do everything possible to fit in,” she says. “I never fit in with the cool people. I was always the frumpy girl,” she continued. Brittany goes on to explain how she got pregnant at 16. The pressures of being a kid and a mom started getting to her. “I felt like my daughter deserved better,” she says with emotion. Brittany admits she use to cut herself all over her body and tried to overdose on headache medication, multiple times. “It’s sad to say, but I’m scared for life now,” she says while showing her cuts.

Suicide is a suicide problem nationwide. Teen suicide is at an all-time high. Parents should try to be more involved in their kids’ lives and keep up to date with what’s going on. There’s not a specific way to fix this issue. The most important thing to do is to make sure these teenagers get help, and fast. Also, the suicide hotline is always an open line of communication with experts that can help people who are thinking about going down that route. The number is 1-800-273-8255. They are available 24 hours every day. You can, also, visit their website for more information. https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Student Profile

Jay Smellie is a 20-year-old written communications major at Eastern Michigan University. As of now, Smellie does not know exactly what she’s liked to do with her major where she hopes it would lead her in life. “I was going into my junior year, so I had no choice but to choose a major”, Smellie explained. Smellie started off as a general educations major. General education is a major a lot of college students choose simply because they don’t know exactly what they’d like to focus on in college. This, also, helps they decide a major because you take so many different classes they help you find your interests. Upon attending EMU, she did not know what she wanted to study. One thing she did know was that she loved to write. She explains, “I’ve, just, always loved writing and it’s always been my thing. So, it only made sense for me to do something that involved a lot of writing.” Smellie explains that there might be a slight chance of her switching her major pretty soon. “I’m going to keep up with this major for now, until I find something that’s more interesting to me.” She explains that she has been taking a couple of journalism classes, which are her favorite classes, so far.

When asked about who and what in her life influenced her in life, Smellie had a change of mood. “Unfortunately, no one in my life influenced me to do much. I’m the first in my family to ever make it to college. So, that is an accomplishment in itself.” Smellie was asked about her parents a couple of times. Curious about her parents’ role in all of this, Smellie was asked what their opinion was on school. “My parents the type to, just, sit back and let their kids make their own decisions. Like I said, I’m the first in my family to make it this far in school, so they’re already proud of me.” Smellie is the oldest of five kids. She was asked about how she thinks her choices may differ from her siblings. “I’m pretty sure my parents are going to expect my younger siblings to go to college,” she says. “My parents are going to expect more out of them than they did myself. More than likely, they’ll be more involved in my siblings’ school choices.”

When talking about her future career goals, Smellie was more confident. She seemed to know exactly where and what she wanted to stick with. She knows, for a fact that writing is her “niche.” That’s something she enjoys dong and could see as a career that’ll suffice. “I would love to stick with the writing aspect of things,” she explained. “I’d enjoy writing for a magazine or an online news website.” When asked about what magazine she’d like to write for, Smellie replied, “My main goal would be TIME Magazine. They write about serious things that go on in the world and they’re all things that I, myself, enjoy reading about.”

Smellie seems to have all the support system she needs. Her family is on her side every step of the way. Although she doesn’t know what she’d like her focus to be, at the moment, she has a pin point idea. She knows what she enjoys doing and what makes her happy. That’s all that matters.

My interview with Jay Smellie was quite informative. I got to learn a lot about her, as a person. It was really interesting listening to her mood changes as she discussed different topics. After our interview, I had the honor of reading some of Jay’s papers. I was beyond pleased to see someone so young, yet, so talented with words and writing. I can, honestly say with confidence, I will be reading one of her stories in TIME Magazine.

From Your Living Room to Space

Have you ever heard of these new VR Things? I tried them for the first time and was beyond impressed. In just a few seconds, you can go from being in your classroom to walking around Mecca.

Virtual Reality has become a huge phenomena. Now a days, almost everyone owns a smart phone. You simply attach you smartphone to this device and you’re walking on crystals or ice. It has a 360 site. That means, as you more around, you continuously see something different. For all of you folks that are worried about the price of VR’s, don’t worry, they’re not that expensive. I recently bought my little brother a VR headset for only $15. It works just as well as the $200 ones. He loves it.

So, what are you all waiting for? don’t be the only person who has yet to experience these amazing devices.! They’re affordable and saves you money on thousands of dollars of flights. You can, now, travel from your living room.

Have Fun!

Coo Coo For Jelly Beans

Michigan is one of the states with the most unusual taste in jelly beans. Have you ever heard of Butter Popcorn jelly beans? Well, get use to it! not only is it number one in Michigan, but it’s the number one favorite in the country. Yum, Yum, Yum.

Second place award goes to… Black Licorice flavored jelly beans. Which, only enough beat Strawberry flavored jelly beans. Black Licorice took a step back from the 1970’s. Back then, it was ranked number one!

A little spice for your tastebuds. Coming in at number three is, Cinnamon flavored jelly beans. Over 12,000 American and Candystore.com data said that Cinnamon was their favorite. Cinnamon flavored jelly beans are movin’ on up from last year by two whole spots. How about it, sugar, spice and something nice?

Analytics and Metrics: News

Analytics and metrics are really important when running any media site the runs news. These news sites use metrics to help them see what kinds of people are going on the website and what kind of connect the are looking for. For instance, let’s say I own a website called News Daily on the Daily. Let’s say I’ve been running all kinds of news on this website including celebrity gossip, world news, entertainment, politics, etc. After a year, I want to know what kinds of stories are more popular so I know what to focus more of my attention on. That’s where metric come in. this will show me what my audience wants and what they enjoy reading. It shows what demographics have been targeted. This saves a lot of time and money for the company, because there’s a more narrowed down focus for the website.


More information on how analytics and metrics work in news

Man who cause I-275 crash’s drug and alcohol test come back negative

Troopers from the Metro South Post arrived at approximately 10:30 am on December 12, 2017, to a two vehicle crash on N/B I-275 Cherry Hill. It was indicated that the driver of the pick up truck, driven by Wolverine Lake City Councilman Mike Stack, was going south when he drove across the median drove over to N/B. It caused a head on collision with a sedan.

The accident, tragically, killed two people, 33-year-old Nicholas Pare and 32-year-old Shannon McIntyre. According to reports, the couple was engaged to be married.

According to police, Stack was reportedly driving with an open container of alcohol in his car. He, willingly, gave a blood sample which came back negative for drugs and alcohol. Now, the case has been given to the Wayne County Prosecutors for review.